Infection Control  

Total Solutions for Central Sterile Services Department Process Integration

DIPHSA develops and delivers complete solutions for CSSD, reflecting our 25 year experience in the medical market in each step of the process: Area diagnosis, conceptual design, construction and implementation. Diphsa will continuously be part of the CSSD’s lifecycle through user training, technical service and customer support.

Infection Control  

Diphsa Process

Infection Control  

Automated Area Disinfection with H2O2

Our Diphnox machines specializes in room disinfection. In conjunction with the use of our disinfectant product Dipheroxide the Diphnox´s ionizing turbine will automatically spray our disinfectant solution (Hydrogen Peroxide), transforming it into a biodegradable dry mist. Our product is 99.9% Biodegradable leaving no trace, equipped with a traceability system and the possibility of downloading a rundown of the results.

Infection Control  

Bedpan Washer Station

Lischka, based in Berlin, is one of the leaders in complete medical area furnishing solutions, as well as producers of cleaning and disinfection devices such as bedpan washers. Our partnership with Lischka has allowed us to provide our customers with the perfect mix of high quality stainless steel medical furnishings and best use of space for operating within CSSDs.


Medical O2

DIPHSA brought Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Oxygen Concentration Technology to Mexico, implementing the first plant of its kind in the country. This innovative technology does not only lower most of the major risks associated to O2 production, but also dramatically reduces costs and the carbon footprint of health institutions.


Comprehensive integration

International Solution Provider for the Medical Market Understanding our customer and their needs, identification of technological Innovation, integration and translation to the Mexican market, business plan development. DIPHSA offers complete network integration for innovators in the Medical Sector, transforming ideas into projects, by identifying the backbone of their business. Our close relationship with public and private medical sectors gives us first hand insight into market needs. Adding consistent support to identify the best financial, distribution, marketing and legal scenarios. With the main goal of developing and optimizing a healthy business model.

Diphsa Solutions  

Comprehensive Business Model Integration



Diphsa combines local expertise with the highest global standards.
Thanks to our close work with some of the medical sector’s most respected companies. Our engineers are trained internationally, not only acquiring first hand technical information but also having a better understanding of our foreign counterparts, ensuring a continuous and long-lasting synergy with our customers.

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About Diphsa

Diphsa has been in the medical field for over 25 years.

At the forefront of infection control technology, Diphsa has proudly paved it’s way to become the standard in Mexico for high-end sterilization, hygiene and medical oxygen projects. Our main focus is guaranteeing the best workplace, technology and environment for the staff in order to give patients the safest and best service.


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